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Detailed instruction manual - Page 1

ENGLISH 2 Detailed instruction manual You can find the detailed instructions at www.grundig. de under “Service”. 2 EU directives 3 About your TV set 3 Intended use 3 Safety 4 Environmental information 5 Packing contents 6 Setting up or hanging 7 Connections 8 Control elements 9 Inserting batteries into the remote control 9 Setting up the TV set 9 Adding new TV stations at a later point 9 Sorting TV stations in the channel list 10 Remote control 11 Favourites lists 11 Zapping function 11 HbbTV 12 Recording from digital TV stations 12 Watching TV with time shift 13 Media player 13 SMART i..

About your TV set - Page 2

3 ENGLISH About your TV set 7 With your TV set, you can receive and watch digital TV programmes over DVB-S, DVB-T and DVB-C, along with analogue TV. 7 Many features of the TV set require an Internet connection. The TV set is equipped with WLAN and a LAN port. 7 The TV set can record programmes. For this feature you need a USB storage device, such as an external hard drive (not included). Recorded programmes can only be played on the same TV set. After the TV st is repaired, it is possible that recorded programmes may no longer be able to be played back. 7 You can connect various data media,..

Environmental information - Page 3

ENGLISH 4 WARNING Injuries caused by falling TV set Never place the TV set on an unstable surface. The TV set may fall, causing serious injury, possibly leading to death in isolated cases. Observe the following precautions: 7 Only use the manufacturer’s recommended cabinets or stands. 7 Only use furniture that can safely support the TV set. 7 Make sure that the TV set does not protrude beyond the dimensions of the furniture on which it is resting. 7 Do not place the TV set on tall furniture (such as kitchen cabinets, bookshelves) without securely anchoring the furniture and TV set. 7 Do n..

Standart accessory - Page 4

5 ENGLISH Packing contents 4 2 5 1 3 6 User Manual Standart accessory 1. TV 2. Stand 3. Remote control 4. Batteries for remote controls 5. Screws and mounting instructions for stand 6. Brief Instruction Optional accessory Easy-Use Remote Control Batteries for Easy-Use remote controls Cleaning cloth Screws for VESA bracket


Setting up or hanging - Page 5

ENGLISH 6 Setting up or hanging 7 Select a location so that no direct sunlight falls on the screen. Setting up with stand 7 To mount the stand, refer to the installation instructions included. 7 Place the TV set on a hard, level surface. Preparing for mounting on the VESA bracket You will need: 7 A pair of scissors, 7 A crosstip screwdriver. Follow the installation instructions for the VESA bracket. 1. Place the TV set in the film on a smooth surface with the screen facing down. 2. Cut open the film on the back side using the scissors. 3. Connect the required cables to the connectors on the..




Control elements - Page 7

ENGLISH 8 7 LAN: Network connection 7 AV / S-VHS / COMPONENT: SCART socket, audio/video input and output S-VHS socket, audio/video input for S-Video camera using a SCART-S-VHS adapter cable. Component socket, audio/video input (YUV signal) using a SCART-YPbPr adapter cable. 7 SERVICE: Service only. 7 Optic Out: optical audio output 7 USB(HDD): connect data media for re- cording programmes, such as an external hard disk. 7 HDMI3 (ARC): Input for digital audio and video data with audio return chan- nel. 7 HDMI2: Input for digital audio and im- age data. 7 SATELLITE: for satellite antenna. Sui..

ENGLISH - Page 8

9 ENGLISH Inserting batteries into the remote control 1. Open the battery compartment. 2. Insert batteries as marked on the bottom of the battery compartment (2 × Micro/R03/AAA). 3. Close the battery compartment. Setting up the TV set 1. Connect the cables. 2. Insert the power plug into the socket. 3. Switch on the power switch. 4. Switch on the TV set with on the remote control. 5. Follow the setup wizard on the screen. Adding new TV stations at a later point 1. Press . 2. Select »Settings«. 3. Select »Source«. 4. Select »Automatic Channel Search«. 5. Select the antenna type. 6. The..

Remote control - Page 9

ENGLISH 10 Remote control Cursor Control Moves the cursor up and down in the menus. Moves the cursor left/right in menus. Opens channel list; activates various functions. Turns on and off the television set (stand-by) Signal source Turns volume on/off (mute) Zapping function; switches the menus back one menu level Opens the menu Opens the Tools menu Switches between teletext and TV modes Opens MyApps menu Switches on from standby; selects stations step by step Adjusts the volume Displays information Exits menu and applica- tions Opens the channel list Opens the electronic TV guide Switches ..

Saving a station to the - Page 10

11 ENGLISH HbbTV HbbTV is the interactive successor to teletext, with content in modern design, high-resolution images and video sequences. For full functionality of HbbTV, the TV must be connected to the Internet. After you switch to a TV station that offers HbbTV, a corresponding message appears. 1. Turn on HbbTV with the colour key that appears after you switch to the TV station. Favourites lists You can organise TV and radio stations in favourites lists. Saving a station to the favourites list 1. Press . 2. Press . 3. Select the favourites list and confirm with . Opening the favourites ..

Watching TV with time shift - Page 11

ENGLISH 12 Watching TV with time shift For this function, you need an external data medium. 1. Press to pause the current programme. 2. Press to continue the programme. 3. Press / for fast rewind/fast forward. 4. Press to return to the current programme. Tips 7 The time shift can be up to one hour. 7 The option of watching TV with time shift may be restricted by the station. Recording from digital TV stations Recording and playback of programmes can only be carried out using an external data medium (hard drive or USB stick). Direct recording 1. Press to record the current programme. 2. Pres..

SMART [email protected] TV 4.0 - Page 12

13 ENGLISH SMART [email protected] TV 4.0 SMART [email protected] TV offers apps that allow you to conveniently use various Internet services. Some apps are already installed on the TV. You can install others from the GRUNDIG App LICATION store. Opening installed apps 1. Press on the remote control. 2. Select the app and launch it with . Opening the GRUNDIG App LICATION store 1. In the »My Apps« menu, select the »Online Store« option on the top right. Web browser Launching the web browser 1. Press . 2. On the menu bar, select the »Web Browser« option. Media player The media player displays images..

Technical changes and errors reserved. - Page 13

ENGLISH 14 GRUNDIG 55 VLE 6725 BP Product data sheet Energy efficiency class A+ Screen diagonal 139 cm/55 inch Power consumption Operation 84,1 W/140 W max. Standby 0,30 W Networked standby 2,90 W Annual power consumption 123 kWh Maximum resolution 1920 × 1080 Additional information Operating voltage: 220 … 240 V ~ , 50 … 60 Hz Screen (dm²) 82 dm² RoHS limits Pb (lead)/Hg (mercury) Pb concentration complies with RoHS limits/ 0 mg Peak luminance ratio 65% Audio output 2 × 20 W music power 2 × 10 W sine power + 10 W sine power of the subwoofer The subwoofer is optional and therefore ..

Abbreviations - Page 14

15 ENGLISH Abbreviations 7 ARC: Audio return channel, transmits sound from the TV via an HDMI connection. 7 AV: Audio/video. 7 CAM: Module for receiving encrypted TV channels. 7 CI: Slot for modules for receiving encrypted TV channels. 7 DLNA: Organisation that develops standards for networking home devices and certifies devices and software. 7 GSCR: Grundig Sat Channel Router. Technology that allows multiple TVs to be connected to a satellite antenna using a single-cable system. 7 HbbTV: Standard for information and services that are offered with the TV signal as well as by the Internet, a..

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